Our Approach is Different

We welcome the opportunity to share our practice philosophy and invite you to review each topic below to learn more. 

We firmly believe there is no “one-size-fits-all” nutrition plan for any digestive problem. That is why our team is passionate about helping you heal in a way that fits your life, without unnecessary restrictions to your diet. 

We also understand that gut issues can have serious negative impacts on your mental health, quality of life, and your relationship with food. And, unfortunately, that’s not something any handout or internet search can solve. 

That’s where we come in. Our dietitians will take time to listen, understand, and honor what is most important to you. From there, we’ll guide and provide support each step of the way through a care plan custom-made for you. 

As evidence-based clinicians, we work hard to stay up-to-date with the current trends in GI nutrition research. This allows us to translate the science into digestible parts (pun intended) and helps us maintain our cutting-edge nutrition therapy approach.

We are expertly trained in all phases of the low FODMAP diet, in treating gluten-related disorders like celiac disease, and in other nutrition therapy protocols as well as non-diet strategies for a variety of GI conditions. 

Our team does not promote the use of IgG food sensitivity tests, support any “detox” or “cleanse” protocols, nor do we recommend the unsupported use of dietary supplements.

First and foremost, we recognize you as the expert of your own body and lived experience.  During sessions, we collaborate with you to fine tune your care plan in a way that best fits your own unique and individual needs. 

Our dietitians also meet regularly to share knowledge and brainstorm better ways to support you and our community. We take time to connect with subject-matter experts as well. The helps ensure we are providing the highest quality care and resources possible. 

Additionally, we strongly value collaboration with your care team. We share your progress and our recommendations (with your permission) directly to your healthcare providers. This helps keep all of us informed and better equipped to understand and meet your needs.

Digestive Health Nutrition LLC is weight-inclusive and HAES®-aligned. We do not define health as a specific body size, nor do we focus on weight loss as a specific goal for our services. Instead, we emphasize lasting behavior changes that promote health and quality of life. 

Our philosophy on weight and health comes from evidence and experience showing us that weight loss does not improve health by default. (Maybe you know of some ways people lose weight at the expense of their health, too). 

This does not mean we are “anti-weight loss,” that we aim to prevent weight loss, or that we don’t understand having a desire to lose weight. We explore goals beyond the scale (having more energy, feeling confident, or improving health) and work on proven strategies to get there.

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