Our Oklahoma dietitian and GI dietitian team is here to help you improve your gut health nutrition. As an Oklahoma nutritionist and GI nutritionist practice we know nutrition is essential for gut health. Because the low FODMAP diet is so complex, we want to help you with your IBS nutrition. A new diagnosis of celiac disease can also be difficult to navigate, so we want to help you with a gluten free diet. Our team offers guidance for Crohn’s diet and Ulcerative colitis diet because nutrition is essential for your intestinal health. We also offer gastroparesis diet and gastroparesis nutrition help.

Practicing from a weight inclusive nutrition approach, we are HAES providers also known as Health at Every Size dietitians. Nutrition for digestive problems is our specialty. We can also help with eosinophilic esophagitis and the six food elimination diet. Nutrition for reflux and nutrition for GERD is another one of our focus areas. Our practice includes dietitians that take health insurance. We are virtual dietitians as well. The dietitians at Digestive Health Nutrition can help you with a SIBO diet. Our team includes a Monash University trained low FODMAP nutritionist and low FODMAP dietitian for irritable bowel syndrome. Nutrition for diarrhea and nutrition for constipation are important, so we want to help you digest, nourish, and heal. By improving your digestion and diet for health you can begin to heal your gut. 

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Are you overwhelmed by your digestive issues? We can help. With convenient virtual appointments and between-call support, we empower you to understand your triggers, stop feeling stressed around food, and regain trust in your body.

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Maybe you have a new diagnosis or maybe you have been struggling for years. Either way, it seems you have been left with more questions than answers.

You want to know what it all really means. You are done feeling stressed, embarrassed, and isolated. Because it’s time for you to feel your best and enjoy life again!

Our goals for you are exactly the same. We are here to help you improve your digestion, enjoy food again, and make peace with your body. 

In your first appointment, we dive deep into your nutrition and digestive health history so we can identify your needs and the first steps of your care plan. 

At your follow-up visits, we’ll work together through any challenges, celebrate progress, and adjust your plan for your continued healing and recovery.

In these sessions we explore both diet and non-diet factors related to your diagnosis or symptoms, work on building a routine of compassionate self-care, and more.

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